Systems Integration Defined

Systems Integration (SI) is the joining together of various units or subsystems to form a larger IT system. This technical process involves the unit test of the individual aspects of the solution as well as the system test of the entire solution to ensure the system is fully functioning. These comprehensive test phases ensure that any issues or errors are eliminated from the system.

When work systems have not been integrated, incorrectly integrated or improperly tested, it can be extremely difficult and time-consuming to oversee and maintain a business. Evolve Technologies’ systems integration enables all parts of a business to work together seamlessly so that operations within an organisation can be maximised. Just some of the advantages of this increased operational efficiency include reduced employee overheads, heightened productivity, enhanced product and service quality, the reduction of applications into a single, simplified system and optimised decision-making.

Effective Systems Integration

When systems are integrated in a way that’s lightweight and not clunky or unnecessarily-complicated businesses can have the freedom to grow, expand and maximise profits. The process of systems integration requires in-depth software and hardware knowledge and skills, as well as the ability to understand a business and its specific infrastructure, tools, technologies, data and systems.

Evolve Technologies is expert in the development of bespoke solutions to your complex systems integration problems and we work flexibly around your existing technology to ensure integration is as smooth as possible.

Using Microsoft .NET as an integration technology along with Oracle and SQL Server databases, some of our recent systems integration projects includes Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Automation Line Integration, Manufacturing Execution System (MES) ERP Integration, Booking Systems Integration, Training Systems Integration for MedTech organisations and Timetable and Electronic Signage Integration.

For dependable systems integration solutions, Evolve Technologies would love to help.