Software Systems Explained

Software systems are group of individual hardware and software components that intercommunicate based on a set of defined rules. Even the best organisations can only perform as well as their software systems allow. At Evolve Technologies, we partner with multinational and SME organisations in the development of bespoke solutions. Further to building completely new or “pure” software systems, we also support customers in making slight adjustments or adding additional capabilities to their existing systems, for example the automation of existing forms or the creation of additional reports.

Specialising in Medical Device, High Tech, Warehousing, Financial, Logistics, Electronics and Microelectronics organisations, we have developed a wide range of software systems including Information Processing, Workflow Management, IT and Telematics, Environment Management, Documental Management, Customer Relationship Management, Quality Management, Maintenance Management, Operation Planning and Scheduling, Didactics, Analysis Risk Management and Work Hygiene and Safety.

We recently completed work for a global medical devices company and our brief was to develop critical software systems that eliminated production delays. The final solution ensured compliance to standards and facilitated the proper training of all employees in the manufacturing of medical device products while maintaining operational efficiency.

Overview of Our Software Systems Services

Service Details
1. Requirements Capture Services Quality is something that cannot be retrospectively inserted into the development cycle. We provide a rapid prototyping service to further understand requirements and ensure superior and user-driven solutions.
2. Design Services We use entity diagrams for solid database design as our preferred means of measuring system stability.
3. Coding Services We use the most robust and cutting-edge frameworks and technologies.
4. Test Services We carry out 2-4 test phases with one final test phase conducted by the user. Our QA system has been developed in-house, enabling us to manage the large number of documents and control the assignment of issues related to each project. We strive to resolve customer’s issues as they arise and our bug tracker enables us to communicate with the customer throughout the lifecycle of the issue.
5. Maintenance Services As up to 70% of the total cost of a software system is maintenance, we prepare the code for the maintenance phase ensuring the design is robust and the code is well commented and we create solid documentation and online user manuals to describe how the system operates.
6. Managed Services We provide a range of remote managed services to support our customers with their software systems. Our remote connection via VPN allows for instantaneous service delivery.