Critical Risk and Compliance Software

There’s an ever-increasing reliance on efficient, fit-for-purpose software for organisations that are impacted by Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC). An area that is heavily regulated and penalised, this legislation is now more stringent and complex than ever. With a greater number of inspections, preventive measures and training specifications in place, businesses are finding it more and more difficult to ensure adherence to best-practice H&S without customised, fit-for-purpose risk and compliance software.

Over the last 10 years, Evolve Technologies has partnered with a variety of Irish organisations on innovative risk and compliance projects in the Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical and Mining sectors. Enabling organisations to become and remain fully compliant with Health and Safety Legislation, our comprehensive risk and compliance workflow solutions support organisations in the management of their entire H&S operation in a single online software package.

Solution benefits may include reduced insurance premiums and claim compensation payouts, decreased work downtime and operating costs, minimised and simplified H&S documentation, reduced administration and a reduction of health and safety incidents.

Our Award-Winning Risk and Compliance Solution

Evolve Technologies is the sole developer of CalQRisk (Enterprise Risk Management System), which was shortlisted for the CIR Risk Management Awards 2016 and Highly Commended as the Risk Management Solution of the Year in the Global Risk Awards 2016.

Evolve Technologies’ bespoke risk and compliance solutions can really take the headache out of your organisation’s health and safety obligations.