Software Development Partner

A nearshore software development partner based in Co. Clare, Ireland, Evolve Technologies builds flexible, long-term relationships with our customers.

Supporting organisations in Manufacturing, Aviation, Mining, Banking, Financials, Local Government, Construction, Logistics, Utilities, Tourism, Services, Electronics, Marine and Retail, we additionally specialise in the Medical Devices (Orthopaedics, Neurovascular and Spirometry) and IT Services sectors. Working with many organisations that are ISO-compliant, Evolve Technologies has developed in excess of a hundred bespoke software solutions for over fifty customers in the last seventeen years.

Evolve Technologies’ Development Process

We develop against the most robust of frameworks including Microsoft .NET, .NET C# VB SQL SERVER ERP, SQL SERVER Cloud, ASP.NET, Oracle, DB2 and Access, and our Project Life Cycle adheres to rigorous FDA standards. Building flexible Windows, Web and Wireless-based solutions, we work off a convenient browser-based mid-tier platform.

User experience is to the fore of our work, as a system has to be simple and consistent to cater for the specific needs of each user at every organisational level. We use our own template-driven techniques to speed up the boilerplate aspect of the coding burden and code is well commented (every 5-10 lines or so) to ensure that the maintenance phase is as easy as possible. Our development framework is based on what our customers understand as opposed to an overly-sophisticated technical framework that is difficult to access.

Reliable Software Development

We provide secure, reliable software systems, systems integration and risk and compliance software solutions, with a particular focus on factory output, risk and compliance and IT systems projects. Many of our customers approach us because they find they are unable to source the specialists or solutions they needed on the market or, although they understand technology, they haven’t the complete skillset or time to undertake software development projects in-house.

As a highly-experienced and award-winning solution provider, Evolve Technologies fulfils the role of an organisation’s dedicated Research and Development (R&D) Department so we can truly understand the business and efficiently build software solutions that make a real difference.