Production Manager Reports

Are you a Production Manager with inventory issues, less people and older machines, but higher production targets?

Power BI is for production managers who need to increase their production overall effectiveness.

Production Managers use Power BI reports to monitor the performance of manufacturing operations with regard to timely execution, quality, and costs. The reports use transactional data from your existing software systems (HR, MRP, ERP etc) and your production machinery, to provide both an aggregate view of company-wide production metrics and a breakdown of metrics by product and inputs.

Power BI reporting and dashboard’s highlights your organisation’s ability to complete production on time and in full. Future performance is projected and modelled based on your production plans, labour availability, inventory costs and machine usage.

Comprehensive reports provide detailed insights into product defects that are caused by production, and also the defect rates for resources and operations. Managers can drill down through scrape codes to find the root cause.

Power BI also lets you analyse production variances. Production variances are calculated as the difference between estimated and realised. Production variances are calculated when production orders or batch orders reach an agreed end point.

Some of the metrics in Power BI
Power BI gives the production manager a set of report pages. Each page consists of a set of metrics that are visualised as charts, tiles, and tables.

The following table provides a sample overview of some of the visualisations that are included.

Report Page Charts Tiles
Production performance • Number of production by date
• Number of productions by product and item group
• Number of planned productions by date
• Bottom 10 products by on-time & in-full
• Total orders
• On-time & in full %
• Incomplete %
• Early %
• Late %
Defects by product • Defective rate (ppm) by date
• Defective rate (ppm) by product and item group
• Quantity produced by date
• Top 10 products by effective rate
• Defective rate (ppm)
• Defective quantity
• Total quantity
Defects trend by product Defect rate (ppm) by quantity produced Defect rate (ppm)
Defects by resource • Defect rate (ppm) by date
• Defect rate (ppm) by resource and Site
• Defect rate (ppm) by operation
• Top 10 resources by defect rate
Defective quantity
Defects trend by resource Defect rate (ppm) by quantity processed
Production variances for job order costing • Production variance by date and cost group type
• Production variance by site and cost group type
• Top 10 products with unfavorable production variance
• Top 10 unfavorable production variance by resource
• Realised cost
• Production variance
• Production variance %


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