About IoT Industry 4.0

IoT industry 4.0 is a trillion-dollar industry that has been spawned by great technological advancements over recent years. Digital technology is continually superseding older technologies such as analogue, electronic and mechanical. Cyber-physical systems like digital sensors have the ability to automate traditional processes and change the face of many industries including Manufacturing, Healthcare, Mining, Transportation, Aviation and Power Generation and Distribution.

Big data, cloud computing and the internet of things all make up IoT industry 4.0, which sees massive volumes of data being stored, gathered, processed, interpreted and presented more efficiently and strategically than ever before.

Sensors continually monitor physical processes to build a virtual representation of the process, enabling increased communication with humans as well as with other digital systems. Processes can be easily automated and digitised, and machines or operating systems are able to set themselves up and monitor and improve their own performances, even within complex or highly-detailed processes.

With Evolve Technologies’ IoT industry 4.0 solutions, a vast amount of manufacturing and production data can be exchanged, enabling more strategic decision-making in both the supply chain and production line.

IoT Industry 4.0 Opportunities

IoT Industry 4.0 can dramatically change the landscape for a wide range of organisations with the potential to almost completely digitise the production and manufacturing industries. Some of the core benefits of IoT industry 4.0 include reduced system inefficiencies and errors, enhanced quality of goods and services, improved employee health and safety and increased system and process control, all helping to reduce costs, enhance productivity and increase profits.

Evolve Technologies provides innovative IoT industry 4.0 solutions internationally.