About IoT Connected Health

IoT connected health strives to optimise resources in the healthcare industry by enabling individuals to take a more active role in managing their own health. It promotes flexible, open communication between individuals and their healthcare professionals.

This innovative model encompasses information from various aspects of an individual’s life to ensure a more in-depth and holistic understanding of their health. A highly-personalised approach to healthcare assesses traditional criteria such as medical, genetic, biological and lifestyle factors as well as the more modern concepts of mental and emotional wellbeing.

The patient-focused IoT connected health system empowers individuals and their relevant healthcare professionals with the correct, key information they need at critical points. All of the patient’s healthcare professionals are included in the communication loop such as GP’s, consultants and hospital staff, so the best and most-informed decisions can be made with the patient at all times.

IoT Connected Health Benefits

The positive implications of IoT connected health are far-reaching and include:

  • Reduced hospital waiting time for patient
  • Reduced number of patient hospitalisations
  • Improved quality of life for patient
  • Increased opportunity for care in patient’s own home
  • Increased information for patient about their personal health
  • Fuller picture around patient’s overall wellbeing
  • Faster and more effective patient treatment
  • More efficient use of medical systems
  • Reduced wastage of financial, staffing and other healthcare resources
  • Increased availability of information to support public health campaigns

Technology is, of course, an essential aspect of IoT connected health, enabling the collection, merging, analysis and interpretation of often-complex and unstructured data from all relevant sources. Dedicated to making a change for the better, Evolve Technologies develops IoT connected health solutions for global organisations.

We built Ireland’s first working Artificial Pancreas  for Type 1 diabetes patients. This aim of this diabetes management solution is to automatically supply the correct amount of insulin to a diabetes patient via a portable artificial pancreas on a 24-hour basis and our voluntary project to perfect the algorithm for this life-changing technology is ongoing.

Working with University College Dublin (UCD) and Silesian University, Poland, on this leading-edge project, Evolve Technologies is also an Industrial Partner with Applied Research for Connect Health (ARCH).