About The Internet of Things

The internet of things (IoT) is the surge of recent internet development that has given everyday objects in our homes, workplaces and lives network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive vast amounts of data. These smart devices have unique identifiers and perform without any human assistance, and the invaluable data they collect and interpret has opened up limitless opportunities for businesses and consumers worldwide.

Leading Internet of Things Companies

At Evolve Technologies, one of the most progressive internet of things companies, we partner with organisations worldwide to develop groundbreaking solutions that increase revenue by ironing out errors and inefficiencies, reducing costs, improving quality and creating attractive new opportunities. We specialise in the connected health, industry 4.0 and internet of things insurance markets within The internet of things, working with organisations in the technology, production, health and manufacturing industries.

Our Connected Health Solutions

IoT connected health is radicalising the international healthcare industry and we are really passionate about playing our part in this positive movement. Our pioneering connected health solutions include our improved Artificial Pancreas control algorithms and you can find out more about how Evolve Technologies’ connected health technologies can benefit your organisation here.

Our Industry 4.0 Solutions

There are tremendous positive implications for organisations in the manufacturing, healthcare, mining, transportation, aviation and power generation and distribution industries through the game-changing IoT Industry 4.0. Cyber-physical systems are automating traditional processes and making businesses vastly more profitable. Learn more how Evolve Technologies’ innovative industry 4.0 technologies can impact your business here.

Our IoT Insurance Solutions

Invaluable data is being gathered in exciting new ways through everyday experiences by The Internet of Things Insurance technologies. This information is helping to transform the insurance market, empowering and benefiting insurers as well as their customers. Discover how we can help your organisation through our IoT insurance solutions here.