Business Dashboard Solutions

Also known as an industry, executive or data dashboard, a business dashboard allows an organisation to track the data that is most pertinent to its performance in almost real time. This information management tool collects complex data from a multitude of sources and applications [e.g. email systems, accounting software, social media applications, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems], collates the data and portrays it simply via a graphical interface.

Benefits of Data Dashboards

  • Information can be drilled down from organisation level to department level to individual process or employee level with just one click of a mouse.
  • Time and energy is saved as the user is logging into just a single system to get all the information and reports they need.
  • Data is collated in such a way as to make business dashboard information more meaningful to the end user and therefore more useful.
  • Visual or graphical data can be interpreted more quickly and easily than letters and numbers.
  • Reports are created in a more accessible file format and structure.
  • Organisational metrics and goals can be conveniently monitored on a continual basis.
  • The performance or productivity of employees who are made aware of the organisation’s business dashboard and reporting system is likely to increase.
  • Business, departmental and process and employee inefficiencies are more visible and easier to highlight and therefore easier to fix, positively impacting organisational revenue.

Strategic Dashboard Reporting Made Simple

Evolve Technologies can use Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) in the development of a business dashboard, which essentially eliminates any manual entry of data into a system, reducing risk of human error that results in incorrect or incomplete data.

Our team understands what makes a business dashboard strategically effective as well as user-friendly and we develop dashboard reporting solutions for a range of SME’s and multinational organisations around Ireland.