Big Data Defined

Big Data refers to the large volume of data that an organisation continually produces. Collecting, storing, and making sense of this data so that it strategically benefits a business is a real challenge for today’s information-laden organisation.

Gathering big data can be a real challenge as it’s pulled from a wide variety of sources including business applications, programmes, processes and systems. Some of this data is structured and easier to interpret, while much of the data is semi-structured or unstructured and virtually indecipherable or meaningless in its raw state. Representing every single aspect of a business, big data can be from traditional or modern sources, old or new, in text, numeric or even multimedia format, and is produced at varying levels and speeds.

Big Data Technologies

Our effective big data technologies enable your organisation to save time and money, highlight system errors or weaknesses and develop new products or services that give you a unique and competitive edge. Better business decisions can be made, thus increasing revenue.

Big Data Analysis

Because data is gathered from limitless sources within a business it can be exceptionally difficult to analyse. It takes great technical skill as well as business expertise to ensure optimal big data analysis so that the information output is merged and matched appropriately, without error and at just the right level of detail. Perhaps most significantly, data can be analysed to help navigate the minefield of today’s technical world in areas such as ecommerce and social media, in almost real-time highlighting potential risks or even fraudulent behaviour.

Big Data Tools

When managed in the right way, big data is not just powerful but strategically invaluable to every business. Working with organisations all around Ireland, at Evolve Technologies we have the leading-edge knowledge and experience to ensure your big data tools are the key to your organisation’s success.