Business Intelligence Defined

Business intelligence (BI) is the analysis and presentation of information within an organisation to enable strategic decision-making and improved performance, and ultimately increase profits.

The process of business intelligence is focused on optimising the intelligence that already exists within an organisation. For information to be fit-for-purpose, data must be gathered from a multitude of sources within the organisation and then effectively linked and interpreted so that it can be displayed simply in visual format on dashboards and meaningful reports can be run. This is a highly-detailed and complex process that requires a wide range of specialised business and technical know-how.

Business intelligence capabilities are becoming more and more mainstream, thus eliminating the need for IT staff, database administrators or data analysts to understand an end user’s specific requirements and run reports on their behalf. Empowering corporate executives, business managers and key operational employees, through business intelligence we develop self-service, interactive capabilities that allow the end user to conveniently and easily build their own dashboards and reports without any traditional IT support.

Evolve Technologies’ Business Intelligence Tools

We offer a range of customised business intelligence tools (Microsoft’s Power BI) on a convenient single platform to help give your end user the business insights they need to impact your organisation’s bottom line.

Our vital business intelligence tools support Irish SME’s and multinationals in all industries. Initially undertaking smaller pilot projects in your organisation, we also provide ongoing technical service to support and assist the end user.