Mike looks forward to his planned visit to Zanzibar in February 2017. As part of a co-ordinated effort, our team shipped PC’s to Zanzibar in Africa in 2016, and Mike is heading over to review the 127 computers that have been distributed amongst ten schools. We are planning a further shipment over the coming while, and Mike’s trip will enable us to assess how the first shipment was utilised.

It will be a busy two weeks, with trips planned to 10+ schools, Government Department, Hospitals, Fishing Communities, Leper Village, Goat Projects, Cow Projects, etc.  Over 40 meetings have been scheduled for Mike, with another few in Dar As Salem on the way back.

Zanzibar is a remote island off the east coast of Tanzania of great culture, history and beauty and the aim of such projects is to empower the residents and work in conjunction with them to help improve the quality of life on the island.

A sincere thanks to Pemba Support Ireland and Gerry Joyce and Paul O’Brien of WARS in Ennis for all their help and to Rehab for kindly providing the mice and keyboards. We are also very grateful to the Department of Education, Zanzibar, for their invaluable partnership on this project.

For more information about the wonderful community projects undertaken by Pemba Support International please visit www.pembasupport.org and for further details of Pemba Support Ireland please visit www.psi.org.