Offering innovative, bespoke software solutions
that impact your bottom line
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Our Project Life Cycle is compliant
with rigorous international standards including FDA
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Creating flexible, long-term partnerships
with IT-reliant organisations globally
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Reliably and efficiently solving complex
business and integration problems
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Award-winning Irish company with
100+ successful projects for 50+ customers
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Welcome to Evolve Technologies.

Award-winning Evolve Technologies provides bespoke Software Development, Business Intelligence and Internet of Things solutions to a multitude of industries. Completing over 100 technical projects in the last 10 years, our strength is in our ability to develop user-friendly solutions with great efficiency.

Building flexible Windows, Web and Wireless-based solutions, our Project Life Cycle adheres to rigorous FDA standards. As a trustworthy, long-term business partner we supply the complete range of software development services in a full package or ad-hoc basis.

Software Development

We develop Software Systems, Systems Integration and Risk and Compliance solutions. We create and maintain new systems, reverse-engineer legacy systems and resuscitate redundant systems, also providing remote Managed Services to IT-reliant SME’s and multinationals.

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Business Intelligence

Our leading-edge Business Intelligence (BI) solutions enable organisations
to optimise the vast amount of data they produce. Providing robust
technologies that gather and report information simply and meaningfully,
we ensure our customers’ Big Data increases their profits.

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Internet of Things

We build innovative Connected Health, IoT Industry and Internet of Things Insurance solutions. Partnering with startups, SME’s and multinationals,
our internationally-recognised projects help organisations avail of the ground-breaking opportunities
presented by the recent IoT movement.

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Established in 2000
100+ Projects
50+ Clients

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